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Hi guys,

I was looking into whats missing to get gdm working on linux without systemd. It seems that elogind adds missing stuff.
Pam and elogind (perhaps also consolekit) with the correct config should work. I was unable to get it working on slackware-14.2 at least, I will try on NutyX.
Could elogind be added?


--- Quote ---Could elogind be added?
--- End quote ---
I will look at it and try to add it in the right collection if usefull


Few questions from my side:

Is the URL correct ? ?
Is the project still active ( more the one year without commit ) ?
Is it worth to do it, I means what's wrong to use lxdm to login to gnome ?


Elogind is the logind stuff that was included since systemd-219. Ubuntu 14.04 has a package systemd-services that provides this and some other stuff.
I discovered it when I was trying to get gdm to work on slackware.
There is a guy who managed to make gdm work on
For KDE elogind does stuff too:

But yes, lxdm works so nothing urgent.


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