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no bin/*cc in gcc 'base pkg'! *Newbie* lost at [kernel] make ...


Hi... (I **love** NuTyX! I made a custom boot partition [not in fstab!] with ONLY 16 files!)
I just now began my [minimal] kernel config journey per your
I'm stuck: there's no 'HOSTCC'; no [bin/]gcc (nor cc), tho the 'base' gcc is there.
`cards files gcc` doesn't show/list any bin/*cc, so I'm lost/stuck.
(how do I get the real gcc [executable binary]?)

UPDATE/EDIT: I think I just figured it out: I need gcc.devel
(I looked in

BUT... now sys/types.h is 'not found'. What 'pkg' is /usr/include/sys in?
NOT glibc! (and there's no build-essentials nor libc6-dev) Oh finally: glibc-devel
**Do I need [to keep] glibc? [probably]

NOW, make menuconfig is missing curses.h  Again, how do I figure out which 'pkg'??
Ok, ncurses.devel

You just miss the devel packages set. So after a:

--- Code: ---get cards.devel
--- End code ---

everything should run smooth like a baby

EDIT: I will add this command to the article



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