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Mouse and keyboard not working after install

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I am new to NuTyx

I have installed latest NuTyX (for testing purpose), all went fine, except the two things mentioned in the title. I made "get xorg lxdm firefox icewm (or openbox) xterm idesk" all went good, but after reboot I could get mouse or keyboard working.

Must I put a minimal xorg.conf for mouse and keyboard under /etc ?
Thats an obsolete action, since xorg detect mouse and keyboard automatic, so what do do, to get a working mouse and keyboard.


Hello schwedenmann

Welcome to the forums.

As your NuTyX was working fine untill you reboot, I think you have several partitions with several distributions (means several kernels). You probably adjust your grub.cfg  and by mistake NuTyX is now using another kernel from another partition. So to fix that it's very simple: Make shure to specify the line:

set root=(hdX,Y) in your entry. Reread the explaination in the picture below, then will be crystal clear.

If still problems, provides us a detail on your harddisk layout



Sorry, but you have misunderstood me.

nytyx is on a multiplelinuxbootpc (10Linux, just for test purpose ;D)
nytyx is on 1 partition (sda14) and I am booting the whole pc per grub2 from sda2. Booting works fine, i got to the login-manager (lxdm) , but I cannot mouve the mouse-cursor, nor could I type anything with keyborad. I have mounted sda14 from another partition and there is only a minimal 20-config, for keyboard, in /etc.



Make shure your active grub.cfg (locate on /dev/sda2) has the following entry:

--- Code: ---menuentry "NuTyX Linux on /dev/sda14" {
set root=(hd0,14)
linux /boot/kernel root=/dev/sda14 ro
--- End code ---


I can boot nytyx, that works, i came to lxdm and than the bootprocess is finished, because i cannot make any entrys for login and password in lxdm. xorg is working I have a login-screen with lxdmn, but mouse and keyboard is not working, that has nothing to do with grub, that point works.



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