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cannot find gcc

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of course why on earth would i install a package named gcc if i don't plan to compile using gcc

Man if i issue cards install gcc i sincerly expect that it install gcc :-D

kind regards

This thread is old, but still relevant (apparently).

Here is another reason why gcc(1) should be included in the package "gcc:"   Let's say all I want to do is build the VirtualBox Guest Additions.  I have to install a ton of packages in order to get the compiler, just so I can build the GA's.   This is a rather non-standard way of doing things, and one that has resulted in a long lesson in cards package organization.

Hopefully, I won't forget this when I go to install NuTyX on real hardware.  In order to run VMs, it may be the case that I will need to build some modules (which is also unusual).  I say this because while testing in a VM, I am unable to run a (32 bit) VM because it wants some module(s) built and loaded first.

Another unique concept:

Note that ANY group can easily be removed, let's say your'e done with you compilation stuffs, just do a:

--- Code: ---del devel
--- End code ---

So every time VirtualBox releases a new version (about every 6 weeks), one must re-install the entire toolset, build the GA's, then remove the toolset again.

"Done" in this context may not be quite accurate.


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