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Do not be offended at me. I want it to be good. Listen to our music.

Congratulate me, I created my first package in the chroot environment.
I chose the Cherrytree notebook.

--- Code: ---#!/bin/bash

# Description: Hierarchical note taking application featuring rich text and syntax highlighting
# URL:
# Maintainer: NuTyX core team
# Packager: cdrw
# Depends on: python2 python2-gtksourceview2 python2-pyenchant dbus-python p7zip desktop-file-utils


build() {
        cd $name-$version

        python2 build
        python2 install --root="$PKG" --optimize=1
--- End code ---

But in the user's system NuTyX while I install dependencies with my hands ...

--- Code: ---get dbus-python
get gtksourceview2
get python2-gtksourceview2

--- End code ---
Very little detailed documentation. But I am satisfied with the work ...  ;)

Well done,

Try to read the documentation, NuTyX has really particularities that you won't find on other distros. NuTyX has it's very owns concepts. Up to you to catch them.


--- Quote from: tnut on Fri Oct 13 08:26:05 2017 ---
Try to read the documentation, NuTyX has really particularities that you won't find on other distros.

--- End quote ---

Goole-translator rus => eng

I constantly read the documentation. And every time I find something new.
I do not speak English to read.
I use google and yandex translators.
It is interpreters who mislead their translations.
If the documentation is poorly written, I look for specific examples and ask questions on the forum.
But on the forum I'm referred to the reading of the documentation ...
It turns out a vicious circle.

Yandex-interprète rus=>fr

Je suis à la documentation. Et à chaque fois trouve quelque chose de nouveau.
Je ne suis pas bon en anglais pour lire librement.
Utilise english  google et yandex.
C'est english conduisent à la confusion de ses traductions.
Si la documentation est mal écrit, je cherche des exemples concrets et pose des questions sur le forum.
Mais sur le forum me font référence à la lecture de la documentation...
C'est un cercle vicieux.

Goole-translator rus=>eng

And with addictions, I still sorted it out!
Thanks again for a good distribution!

Yandex-interprète rus=>fr

Et avec les contraintes, j'ai encore abominable!
Encore une fois merci pour le bon distribution de!


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