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Change language in Mate?

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the german packages seemed to be installed. I installed gnome and in the gnome-settings i change the language to german. But even then everythings still in english :(

So (because the system is really fast) I installed plasma. Changing the Language-Settings to german gives me a german plasma-desktop :). The applications are still in english ... :-[

You could check if the /etc/profile.d/ file is correct. Should contains something like:

--- Code: ---export LANG=de_DE.utf-8
--- End code ---

For your locale packages list for mate:

--- Code: ---cards list|cut -d " " -f2|grep de$|grep mate
--- End code ---

And last one what version did you test ?

9.1 or 9.0.95

/etc/profile.d/ contains export LANG=de_DE.utf-8
cards list|cut -d " " -f2|grep de$|grep mate shows a lot of mate-stuff with the .de ending
uname -a says Linux version 4.9.23-NuTyX-lts
i downloaded the NuTyX_i686-9.1.iso and made a stick with rufus (dd)

How do you login into mate ?
slim, xorg-xdm or lxdm

with slim. I first use lxdm,but got problems to log in...


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