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I noticed that midnight commander does not work correctly with the ncurses-6.1 package. Returned to version 6.0. Everything turned out well.

To enable the mode 256 colors had to recompile midnight commander with the option


on the option

# Depends on: pcre glib gpm perl

hello cdrw,

with this new option, do you recompile mc with ncurses 6.1 ?

The order of installation of packages like this.
In the Midnight Commander window the mouse biter didn't work.
I replaced the ncurses version from 6.1 to 6.0.
The mouse began to work. But Midnight Commander did not understand the color schemes of 256 colors.
I installed Slang and recompiled Midnight Commander with the --with-screen=slang option.
After that, Midnight Commander works as I need.

Installed Nutyx-10.2. The error with ncurses is the same. Recompiled mc with the - slang option.


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