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[upgrading] error while loading shared libraries

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Should be: 20190325

Sorry, I entered a chroot from another operating system to check if I could understand what the problem was.
The iso is : NuTyX_x86_64-20190225.iso
Now I'm downloading an iso image from here:
we will have to wait a little, because it weighs more than 5 gigabytes.
We try to install that

That's what I understood. Just for your info: With this new version of NuTyX we got TWO complete differents approaches.

1. The 11.0 is a fixed version that has no remote repositories, means you need to mount the ISO after base installation. All the binaries are included in that ISO. It's explain in the news

2. The 20190325 version is the rolling version of the NuTyX 11. It has a remote repositories that gets continuously updates.

So both ISO does the same as far you install the BASE system, but then we will be in two totally different scenarios.

Pardon I have not read the F.A.Q. before installing.
Then the iso image that I just downloaded, I keep it aside and download the latest image "scrolling". I would like to experiment with this new (for me) operating system (distribution).
The thing that I can't understand is that error. I understand how to solve the error instead of re-installing an operating system.
I try to enter the partition with Nutyx to check if I can use some program.
which one do you recommend for a test?

Ok this error occur because the toolchain has been updated:

glibc 2.29, binutils 2.32 and gcc 8.3.0. When all those packages are rebuild, it's often the cases that nothing works any more if we try an upgrade process.  That's  what you were trying to do by upgrading a 10.X generation with a 11.X generation


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