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SysV Limitation?


In installing NuTyX_x86_64-mate-20190413.iso, I found I could not use any indirect form of 'root=/dev/sd?n' in my bootmanager (rEFInd). That is, anything such as 'root=LABEL=<filesystemname>' or 'root=/dev/disk/by-label/<filesystemname>' results in a VFS failure and kernel panic.

Is this a SysV limitation? Is there a workaround? 

Hi jbk

you need to specify an initrd so that your /dev/disk/by-label/<filesystemname> is reconised. ( I guess): To do so:

1. Mount the partition where NuTyX is installed on /mnt/hd directory
2. Enter into your installed NuTyX with the command:

--- Code: ---install-nutyx -ec
--- End code ---
3. Generate the initrd with the command:

--- Code: ---mkinitramfs
--- End code ---
You can then check if it has beed successfully created in the /boot folder.

--- Code: --- ls -tr /boot
--- End code ---
You just need to specify this initrd- file at boot by editing your boot configuration file in accordance


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