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Are NutyX 11.0 ISO compatible to vbox 6.08 ?

I try install from ISO, and only can at text mode, i try install lxde lxdm

Success until text mode, when try startx, not work

I already install xorg-xf86-video-vboxvideo 1.0.0-3 too, not work

Any hint / help ?


Welcome McKim

Should not be any issue with VB 6.X

Which ISO did you choose the 11.0 stable version of 5 Gb in size or the rolling version in size of  309 M ?

Did you install theWhat command did you issue ?
do you have xorg-xinit install ?

Using  5Gb version

Its work now, i select wrong display at vbox display adapter option must vboxvga or vboxsvga

After i select that work.

Thanks anyway

Btw can one use stable version, first install and later change to rolling version ?

Yes, very simple

add "version rolling" into /etc/cards.conf file (anywhere in the file)


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