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[FIXED]LAMP Cannot Find PDO Mysql Shared Objects

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I am currently building a i386 desktop from version 11.1. Everything is going ok except that I cannot locate the PDO MySQL driver for Php. There are no packages in cards for this and there are no files on disk.

Where may I find the PDO driver for MySQL?



Probably the php package is not compile with the PDO MySQL driver in such a case you would need to recompile php package.
I think you can find out what are the NuTyX php package features by entering a specific command into a index.php file for example.

I'm not a php specialist,  they have a very good online documentation.

And as you probably knows already, NuTyX is inspired by BLFS, so all the BLFS doc applies:



mariadb (replacement of mysql):

Let me know via



That's is what I concluded. I have successfully set up and ran a 'info.php' file using the 'phpinfo()' function as you described which is what told me that the SQLite PDO driver was already present but no other PDO driver. I have the full LAMP stack implemented on the i386 NuTyX PC minus the missing PDO driver.

I have been actively building LFS/BLFS for some time. I have an LFS 8.4 i386 PC with the full LAMP stack including Php with the PDO drivers for MySQL and SQLite. I am thinking that all I would need to do is transplant the shared library (.so) from the LFS PC to my NuTyX PC and modify the php.ini (along with running 'ldconfig'). If that does not work, I can compile Php from scratch on the NuTyX PC using the LFS/BLFS procedure. The only complicating factor is that the basic NuTyX distribution does not include the compiler or 'make', 'wget' and 'tar'.

I opened a Github i686 issue regarding this.

Thanks for your advice and for listening,


You do a:

--- Code: ---get cards.devel
--- End code ---

and add “group devel” into your /etc/cards.conf

At the next:

--- Code: ---sudo cards upgrade
--- End code ---
All the missing devel packages will be added and installed.

You will then be ready to compile without the need of a chroot

Then to continue enjoying NuTyX, I suggest you read the online doc

Send from my phone

Apache modification confirmed,

PDO Mysql now installed.

Thank you,


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