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Hi Thierry,

I've discovered that my script used to perform "cards sync" in the update-notifier isn't actually working, so I thought I would use a cron job for the cards sync.

I installed fcron...which I've never used I did some reading to learn more about it. I created a crontab for cards sync, but it didn't run. I have no logs in /var/log/cron.log of it running. It appears that the fcron service didn't start? So, I looked in /etc/init.d/ and fcron was there.

I checked to see if it was running with...

--- Quote ---sudo /etc/init.d/fcron status
--- End quote ---

...which gave me an output of...

--- Quote ---/usr/sbin/fcron is not running.
--- End quote ---

So I started the service with...

--- Quote ---sudo /etc/init.d/fcron start
--- End quote ---

I checked the status again, and it said it was running.  :D

I was just wondering if it's a possible bug that fcron doesn't start automatically after installing it or after rebooting after installing it?

Now I'm waiting to see if my cron jobs actually work.  ;D   :P

Thank you!

oyim: crontab for cards sync is working.  :D

However, even though fcron is in /etc/init.d/, it isn't started when I boot the system, and I have to start it each time. Is this how fcron is supposed to work, or is there something else that I need to do to ensure that it always starts?

Thank you!

Did you install the fcron.service package ?


--- Quote from: Thierry on Mon Sep 16 08:19:58 2019 ---Did you install the fcron.service package ?

--- End quote ---

Thank you Thierry.

I installed fcron.

Before I installed it, I did a terminal search for "cron", and fcron is all that showed up. I don't see a package called fcron.service.


--- Code: ---get fcron.service
--- End code ---


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