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Hi Thierry!

I've performed a fresh install of 11.2 (x86_64) with Openbox on another computer. I know you had to make some changes recently. I wanted to install compton, but it appears that compton is no longer available in the rolling version? I searched the packages on the NuTyX website, and it is showing that compton is available in the fixed version but not the rolling version.

So I'm using xcompmgr, and it's doing well...   :D   ...but I'm wondering if compton may become available later on? If not, it's not a problem.  ;)

Thanks Thierry!

Lazy mistakes from my side. Hopefully bringing back the package very soon.

I'm feel sorry, I could integrate for this release your nice notifier tools. As you may  understand, I've been quite busy with updating all the package to the new syntaxe. I really hope I will be able to integrate it into the NuTyX 11.3 version

Yes sir. I know you've had a lot to do.  :(

Compton is smoother, but xcompmgr is working fine.

I haven't even checked to see if the notifier was available!  ;D   :P

Thank you Thierry!

Compton will return :D


--- Quote from: Thierry on Sun Oct 20 20:25:53 2019 ---Compton will return :D

--- End quote ---

Got it! Thank you Thierry!  :)


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