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The .jwmrc files from NuTyX-jwm

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Here are the .jwmrc files used in NuTyX-jwm system. I don't know how much they will help, because some items in the files rely on other items; such as, certain scripts, an icon folder, and xdgmenumaker. Still, I hope they are of use.  :)

Due to the limit of the amount of characters that can be used, I would have to divide both files into several posts each...which might be confusing. So, I have uploaded them to my pcloud account so that anyone interested can download them.

PLEASE NOTE: I put both of them inside of folders and created a .zip file for them. Each .jwmrc will be within its corresponding theme folder after you unzip them.

Download Here

Thank you Dan

I'm more and more thinking that we should make a package out of this. So when people install jwm, they have all this nice feature include. Would make easier for you as well to maintain the package.

I'd be more than happy to! Just let me what I can do to help.  :D

First ting first, a git project should be created (on github for example), then we will add the Makefiles and that's it. So you push all your config files there, I will then completed it so that we can make an installable package out of it. ;)

I'll get started on it as soon as I can (tomorrow maybe) and let you know when I've finished.  ;)


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