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Creating a new package: gforth


I'm working on installing a custom package, gforth

I'm using this package file:

--- Code: ---name=gforth

build() {
cd ${name}-${version}
make DESTDIR=$PKG install

--- End code ---
I've made the directory /usr/ports/perso/gforth, and invoke

--- Code: ---sudo pkgmk -d
--- End code ---

Everything works smooth, but at one point I get

--- Code: ---make[3]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/work/src/gforth-0.7.3'
make[2]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/work/src/gforth-0.7.3'
make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/work/src/gforth-0.7.3'
=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/' failed.

--- End code ---

To check my work, I went ahead and installed the application  normally (not as a package). The installation went through smoothly (so I know it's not a problem with the application itself), and then, for kicks, I went ahead and attempted to complete the package installation - and it worked! I was then able to add the package and have it on my system. However, to make sure my package formula was correct, I uninstalled the package, and got rid of the conventional installation. That is, no more 'gforth' files on my system, except the Pkgfile in gforth's ports folder.

I reattempt the install, and I get this error. When I had succeeded in installing the package, I did, in fact, get that tar.xz file, and was able to use it to fully install the package.

Your output:
--- Code: ---=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/perso/gforth/' failed.
--- End code ---
is the result of the compilation error.
As the package is  simple, I went to check if ArchLinux had it in they AUR.

Package is committed. I just add what was missing in your recept.

Thanks. It's interesting to see what the necessary modifications turned out to be. Maybe it'll help in the building of future
packages.  :)

Also, being able to check build recipes in the AUR is a neat trick.


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