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Kernel how to stop upgrade


Hello. How to stop kernel from being upgraded.
I mean for example exclude in fedora dnf or ignorepkg in pacman arch.
Is there a similar manner in nutyx?

Hi Constantius

Officially it's not possible to "blacklist" packages in NuTyX. It leads to a broken system in 99 % of the cases because broken API.

I assume you must have a very good reason for stopping the kernel to be update. So what  I can propose you is to make the kernel package (temporarly) invisible for cards. You set the folder of the kernel packag info unvisible.

If we talk of kernel package for example:

--- Code: ---sudo mv /var/lib/pkg/DB/kernel /var/lib/pkg/DB/.kernel
--- End code ---

Cards will forget about the kernel package, but you can still change back by revert the above command.

--- Code: ---sudo mv /var/lib/pkg/DB/.kernel /var/lib/pkg/DB/kernel
--- End code ---


Thanks for your reply. I used to stop upgrading kernel in different old computer with old nvidia card and nvidia driver. When i dont want neauvoux driver... Nutyx right now i have on nuc intel pentium j5005 cpu and intel gpu. So it is no problem. But your proposition is courius. Best regards.

Hi, in Nutyx, you have many kernel versions. If you want only kernel 5.10 for example, you have kernel-510 at disposal. With that, the kernel will be always 5.10 but have upgrades for minor versions


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