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Installation issue with NuTyx xfce version

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--- Quote --- this is the method I used i just copied the iso from your website by using balena etcher ...
--- End quote ---
Most of the time it's fails

--- Quote ---Please what is the dd command ?
--- End quote ---
A single google research:

or in the official NuTyX documentation:

So how does it work once I download the script install-nutyx  after lsblk -S   ? I am missing something?  I have to copy this into the other linux distribution teminal that I have already installed correct. What is the correct process?

No no it's much much more simple:
You do everything from your installed distribution, regardless what it is:

Open a terminal and do followings commands:

* Download the ISO you want for example for XFCE4:
--- Code: ---wget
--- End code ---

* Check the signature:
--- Code: ---sha1sum NuTyX_x86_64-22.07.0-XFCE4.iso
--- End code ---

* You identify the USB  key with the command:
--- Code: ---sudo lsblk -S
--- End code ---

* and finally you dd the ISO on the USB key
--- Code: ---sudo dd if=NuTyX_x86_64-22.07.0-XFCE4.iso of=/dev/<name_of_your_key> status=progress
--- End code ---

Ok  download the iso from sourceforge (check signature) and then just copy as it is  sha1sum NuTyX_x86_64-22.07.0-XFCE4.iso into the terminal ? I think I've understood the other two commands

Please what would be the process instead for KDE


--- Quote ---what would be the process instead for KDE
--- End quote ---

Replace XFCE4 with KDE5


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