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[SOLVED] weird result for command "cards list <string>

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This post has no more relevance as it was for an openbox cards.conf and poor result

Definitely something wrong.

I would need your install history:

cat /var/log/install.log|paste-nutyx

I away for few days won?t be able to answer too much

no rush

If interested, I removed my web browser as I run firefox unpack.
this saves the internet when there is a point release, in the same series
eg 103.0 -> 103.1 (when it exists) is a download of the diff file (delta file)

I will install more and delete more, as I prefer icewm but currently unable to delete openbox
Being in Australia, my internet speed is poor compared to some countries so I prefer to delete to save upgrading something I care not for


--- Quote ---Being in Australia
--- End quote ---

What about setting up a (local) mirror for you ?


If I knew there were more aussies I might be tempted but I do not think that is the case.
Some Universities and the like... do mirror linux stuff
but I would be embarrassed if we set up a mirror, when I have not resolved even more basic things like my weird card package issue.

I am tempted now to download and install the base, then use cards to install lightdm and icewm and stuff,
as I booted to run level 3 and still openbox refuses (along with some other stuff) to delete.

I have no computer qualifications so do not expect anything extra than normal forum support please.

Drifting off topic, a little, I noticed another member unable to delete something too.,463.0.html
and the message was similar

--- Quote ---<package-name> is in use
--- End quote ---

Drifting off topic further, I noticed in cards that
cards install package-name.devel  does not automatically install the base package.

Having used Tinycore I suspect that the team here, is very small. I have done some downstreaming packages for Tinycore but not yet confident to know if I will stay with this distro.

So thats another reason for not asking for a mirror. Hope you agree.


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