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[SOLVED] possible grub2 default file typo error?


I was playing around with some boot codes and my private update-grub command and on reboot found an init line
which comes from /etc/default/grub

It had a "default" entry which I failed to spot initially that read

--- Quote ---# GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet verbose=no"
# Replace command below /sbin/init with
# /sbin/runit-init  for runyx init
# /sbin/systemd-init for systemd init
--- End quote ---

EDIT fix up line as I have checked the base config. And had not backed up before changing

1) I believe we have

2) but I can NOT boot with a menu entry stanza of "/sbin/run-init"
ignoring the fact that I installed into a spare partition my menu that boots for me reads
linux /boot/kernel-stable root=/dev/sda3 ro quiet <and some other stuff>

thanks for reading

Hi aus9

Yes it is possjble to boot with other inits, Runit and SystemD are availbe. The default is /sbin/init "SystemV".
To boot from runit-init you would need to install
--- Code: ---sudo cards install runyx
--- End code ---
--- Code: ---sudo cards install systemd
--- End code ---
Then you can change it on the kernel line.

--- Quote ---init=sbin/runit-init
--- End quote ---
--- Quote ---init=sbin/systemd-init
--- End quote ---

Hope this helps

I have over written openbox as I had some troubles.  Just checked the init=line and editted above.

mark as solved ....Thanks


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