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Viber won't work

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Hello and thank you in advance.
I have installed Viber via flatpak, but it won't start.
 Downloaded two different appimages, official and unofficial. Both won't work, both can't start.
 Thank you.

Can you test via the command line and return us what's the complete message

Thank you

Sorry, flatpak won't work.
 Reinstalled CA-Certificates.

--- Quote ---F: An error was encountered searching remote ?flathub? for ?viber?: Unable to load summary from remote flathub: Unacceptable TLS certificate

--- End quote ---

After new update, flatpak is working.
 Viber won't work with appimages, downloaded two different appimages.
 Started flatpak version, it won't start.
 Tried from console - as "viber" - no such application. How to start flatpak Viber from terminal ?

It generaly depends on the package you installed, but the common way to go is to start by checking the details of the installed Flatpak application (using
--- Quote ---grep
--- End quote ---
can specifically help find an application, if we know it contains a partial string) e.g.
--- Quote ---flatpak list | grep viber
--- End quote ---
(grep is case-sensitive, so try capitalising the "v" in "viber" if no results are initially found to see, if that works). That should give you the application ID (along the lines of
--- Quote ---com.developer.application
--- End quote ---
). Just copy the application ID and enter
--- Quote ---flatpak run application id
--- End quote ---
in the terminal. That will launch the application verbosely and therefore should display any errors.


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