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How to install NVIDIA drivers?


How do i do it?


Installing Nvidia drivers on NuTyX is pretty simple. I depends on two factors:

* Your Linux kernel version, could be checked by entering (or pasting)
--- Code: ---uname -r
--- End code ---
into you terminal[/li]
[li]and your GPU model, could be checked by installing neofetch (either by using flcards, a graphical cards manager, or by entering (or pasting)
--- Code: ---sudo cards install neofetch
--- End code ---
into your terminal), then entering (or pasting)
--- Code: ---neofetch
--- End code ---
into you terminal should show you an ASCII-art logo of NuTyX on the left side and information about your system, including installed GPUs[/li]

Now with that information in mind, we could install the correct driver from the ones listed on this page:

Example configuration (latest stable kernel: 6.5.13 and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080). I would enter (or paste):
--- Code: ---sudo cards install nvidia-kernel nvidia
--- End code ---
into the terminal, which will install the Nvidia drivers and the GUI (respectively).

If you could reply with your kernel from the first command and the GPU line from your second command, further assistance can be provided.


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