Author Topic: Keyboard Layout on fresh GNOME Installation  (Read 2623 times)


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Keyboard Layout on fresh GNOME Installation
« on: Wed Dec 27 21:19:48 2023 »

I noticed a tiny post-install issue. After NuTyX GNOME installation, I went to the "Keyboard" section in the GNOME Settings and noticed, that in the keyboard layout list there was just "uk". When trying to find that in the "add layout" selection, I found that it was listed as "English (UK)" (which, in this case, are the same). Upon adding that, I had both "uk" and "English (UK)". I have not tested this with other layouts and DEs (such as KDE Plasma). It would be nice, if NuTyX could be installed with the correct layout name. Not critical, but looks out of place, especially when adding a second layout.