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Title: NuTyX Installation... how to do ?
Post by: Thierry on Thu Nov 17 07:26:05 2016
To install NuTyX, you can choose between:

- An available script:

A base NuTyX is installed.

Update m├ętas-datas from download server:
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Install your favorit graphical interface, you can choose between:
kde5, xfce4, gnome, mate or lxde
Example for xfce4:
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get xfce4
You need a graphical login manager to  choose your desktop:
Code: [Select]
get lxdm
You can now install all the needed applications:
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get gvfs alsa-utils firefox libreoffice pidgin thunderbird
If you are using a wireless connection as default, install network-manager-applet and add yourself to the netdev group , for example for pierre account:
Code: [Select]
get network-manager-applet
/sbin/usermod -a -G netdev  pierre

To finalise, reboot your machine:
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sudo reboot