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Title: the Clipit Pkgfile example: trying to update it
Post by: dufresnep on Thu Oct 31 04:46:36 2019
Well, in
there is a quoted Clipit Pkgfile as a test of the configuration.

When I did try to run it unchanged... I was getting an error style:
intltool version > 0.23 needed (from memory... try it about 3 days ago).

I come to look where I can get source code on  the net and come to update it to:
Code: [Select]
root [ /usr/ports/personal/clipit ]# cat Pkgfile
description="ClipIt is a lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager."

maintainer="Gilberto Xyhthyx <xyhthyx at gmail dot com>"
packager="Paul Dufresne"


build() {
  cd $name-$version
  ./configure --prefix=/usr \
  make DESTDIR=$PKG install
root [ /usr/ports/personal/clipit ]#
But getting that when trying to build it:
Code: [Select]
root [ /usr/ports/personal/clipit ]# mkpkg2
bash: mkpkg2: command not found
root [ /usr/ports/personal/clipit ]# ls
Pkgfile  work
root [ /usr/ports/personal/clipit ]# pkg
pkg-config  pkgadd      pkgfind     pkginfo     pkgmk       pkgmk2      pkgrm       
root [ /usr/ports/personal/clipit ]# pkgmk2 -d
==> Configuration settings...
  -> PKGMK_INSTALL:          no
  -> PKGMK_WORK_DIR:         /usr/ports/personal/clipit/work
  -> PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR:       /srv/www/sources
  -> PKGMK_IGNORE_REPO:      no
  -> PKGMK_IGNORE_MD5SUM:    yes
==> Package info...
  -> name:    clipit
  -> version: 1.4.4
  -> release: 1
==> Found  Source file     : </srv/www/sources/v1.4.4.tar.gz>
==> Building package: </usr/ports/personal/clipit/>
  -> Extracting file with (bsdtar): </srv/www/sources/v1.4.4.tar.gz>
+ build
+ cd clipit-1.4.4
Pkgfile: line 15: cd: clipit-1.4.4: No such file or directory

====> ABORTING....
    -> No files found in package </usr/ports/personal/clipit/work/pkg>
Not sure what way to go from there.
Title: Re: the Clipit Pkgfile example: trying to update it
Post by: Thierry on Thu Oct 31 09:33:53 2019
Those news sources don't follow the "normal schema". If you check via the command:
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bsdtar --list --file /usr/ports/personal/clipit/v1.4.4.tar.gzyou will see that they change the root directory in the archive.
Code: [Select]
You need to do:
Code: [Select]
cd ClipIt-$version instead of
Code: [Select]
cd $name-$versionWill need to find another example.

Where did your read you should use pkgmk2 ?
This command is not maintained anymore. I guess I should remove it from the build
Title: Re: the Clipit Pkgfile example: trying to update it
Post by: dufresnep on Thu Oct 31 15:02:36 2019
I don't remember from where I got to know pkgmk2.
Might be just by ls.
At some point I found pkgmk was not working for me, but pkgmk2 was working fine.
I still have this feeling now... and a bit sad to learn you want to remove it.

I'll try to find you an example of pkgmk2 working better than pkgmk when I will be in front of my own computer again.