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new install ?s: where is install ?error log? (to report...)? how install strace?

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--- Quote ---It is from /etc/sysconfig/console having (invoked in /lib/lsb/init-functions)
--- End quote ---
Good spot, I will look for correct this. I'm already working on setup-nutyx quite a bit.

--- Quote ---I ran into a glitch: installing on an XFS fs seem to break GRUB!
--- End quote ---
This bug is happening when you choose to format in gpt, xfs doen't like. If you want xfs fs you need to stick to the old msdos table ...

About 8.2, it's mainly on the setup that tings will changes. I plan to add a dialog for adding a user at the end of the configuration (for example)
The installation and configuration will be log into /var/log/install.log


--- Quote ---There's NO such file (in /lib/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwerty)!
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Should be will be corrected in rc1 Its' beta-2 time now;O=D


Hi! I just got 8.2.93; *love it* Big thanks for all you do! Here's some fb:
I can't find netstat (nor 8.1; maybe I don't need it, for -tlpn [lsof -i;nmap --open])
**Bug: can't `nu user` nor select "user" as username! (literally user!)
Cosmetic: boot .iso with *NO* partition table causes tons of init line 122 msgs: Attached
(is there the 'install log' you mentioned above for beta? Couple things flashed by...)
*FAQ should say: upgrade NuTyX (prior to 8.[2 NOT 0]) to 8.2
When I did 1st reboot, it 'got' kernel-lts 4.9.4 (which cards diff had listed)!!
Bug?: # cards files zzzz
Retrieve info about the 143 packages: cards 2.1.105 files: could not open /var/lib/pkg/DB//files: No such file or directory

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Hello New,
Thanks for your feedbacks

--- Quote ---Cosmetic: boot .iso ..
--- End quote ---
FIXED in the next 8.2.94 ISO

The install log is located in /var/log/install.log

--- Quote ---Bug?: # cards files zzzz
--- End quote ---
Can be, we did change the location of those modules they moved from virtualbox (or nvidia) to the kernel. Should be ok on 8.2.1 by the way


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