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Alias are introduced in cards


A really really cool feature 8) 8) 8)

What's that ?

It give the possibility to name a package with different names, As a first step, the only possible actions are on the installed packages::

Two examples that you get it quickly:

--- Code: ---cards info mesa
Retrieve info about the 443 packages: 100 %
Name           : xorg-mesa
Alias          : Mesa Mesa3D mesa mesa3 mesa3d
Description    : Mesa is an OpenGL compatible 3D graphics library.
Series(base)   : xorg
Group          :
Collection     : gui
URL            :
Maintainer(s)  : none
Packager(s)    : pierre at nutyx dot org, tnut at nutyx dot org
Version        : 12.0.1
Release        : 1
Build date     : Fri Aug 19 21:41:18 2016
Size           : 37600256
Number of Files: 65
Arch           : x86_64
--- End code ---

I ask info about the xorg-mesa by specifying an alias here mesa. means a synonym. The number of alias per package is not limited. It is unique inside the all collection, means TWO  packages from a same collection can never have a same alias.
Works as well for delete a package:

--- Code: ---cards remove vi
The package 'vim' is in the base list
   specify -a to remove it anyway
--- End code ---

vi is an  alias of the vim package


- Alias will give cards the possibility to update a package without taking cards of the name. The alias will be enough

- Alias will help in resolving  dependencies  names as they can be use as them for the construction...


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