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Hi, I did reinstall. A lot of small details can be better. A great missing is: no overview which packages (window managers, browsers, file managers. editors, plugins, dictionaries like hunspell etc.) can be directly installed without to install a lot of not needing stuff. I did remember ratpoison. Ratpoison is installed, will not start. I did install leafpad and a lot of stuff with it (why? Leafpad is one of the smart app's from Linux and you did make an elephant!), bluefish, bravo. I did remember rox-filer, is installed and works. I did remember xombrero. No Xombrero any more. All that is not a problem as far you can find easily an overview on those stuffs in some documentation or wiki. Is that available somewhere? Kind regards.

next problem: I did install xorg, gui, kde5 and kde5-extra as well as above little app's. and gdm as seems not to be include in kde5. as with ratpoison, impossible to start normaly kde5 (only as sudo xinit and in X, after that, startkde). before that I did have already installed clex to surf in the tree of dir's and files and links to surf in no graphical mode in the web.

Kde5 seems to be about empty of usefull app's, especially no browser. I did not continue to install more as it seems to difficult actually to work with enthousiam under such conditions  ;)  . with no browser excepted links, you also need no graphical desk at all.

You not using  the search command

--- Code: ---cards search browser
--- End code ---

for example.

For the missing packages, as I told you we are just two packagers. We try our best to propose as much packages as possible.

Note: For xombrero it will be available this evening.


--- Quote ---I did install leafpad and a lot of stuff with it
--- End quote ---
Where did you see an elephant ? leafpad is only depending on gtk2....
Since gtk2 is a key library, it uses  keys dependencies...

Cards install what's necessary for leafpad to run. This is always the case.

You can try the same test on any other distro you end up with exactly the same result. ... If they handle properly the depencies... At the end you need leafpad workings.

Hi Tnut

Thank for above help.

I did remake my installation from CD that weekend.

After installing the base, I did make:

--- Code: ---sudo cards sync
get clex xorg jwm gvim epiphany flashplugin audacious audacious-plugins gimp speedcrunch roxfiler roxterm

--- End code ---

and edit /etc/system.jwmrc (it is not the best way: you have to copy this file into your home changing the name into .jwmrc and specify your changes in that copy. next profit: if you erase all and come back to the base, your file ~/.jwmrc continue to be available if you will reinstall jwm again!)so that speedcrunch, epiphany and gvim are available instead of the Calculator, Iceweasel and Xedit proposed in the menu but not available in the depot of NuTyx.

Roxterm, Speedcrunch and Gvim are better. Epiphany works well.

Chromium, Midori and Xombrero do not work as they are (I really miss Xombrero as it is the only one secure browser...  ;) . Firefox is absolutely not secure in my eyes...)

Diverse man pages seem not to be available (perhaps it is matter of the language? I did install French as it is not bad for me and it is the standard language of that distribution; is that the reason?).

One package did have pulseaudio in it's dependencies. Flashplugin works well, but no sound (error message in the terminal: no mixer! But the only one add offered in cards search pulseaudio (a very good thing that search routine!) is a KDE5 package. I don't will of course install KDE5 only because I need a mixer  :o  (but I am interessting in use of pulseaudio! it is good that it was installed without my decision to install it...)

"get" is now an wonderfull equipement as you can install all that minimal system with only one line after cards sync.

reboot is a bit difficult after card sync as it needs really much time and if you did not know it before, you wait desesperate that the system will end it's job...

Kind regards


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