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To try to build Savanna I did install an minimal just enough confortable version of Sekong:

Sekong base
rox-filer to browse the tree of directories and files

of course including a lot of dependencies...

I am accustomed to use exactly the same app's for ex. in Ubuntu 10.04. the work perfectly in Ubuntu.

I am also accustomed to complete the environment for rox-filer (links for files etc.)

as Ubuntu connects itself xxxterm (= Xombrero) with flashplayer + java, I am not accustomed to do it and I have to note, that it does not work properly in Sekong:

- no start page
- no flash player (you can test it with the videos of your local TV, for ex. you national TV chanel
- no java activity on pages starting java applications like town maps etc.

what is to do to activate them and install a start page?

(activate favorites is easy! after opening a page having to be a favorite, only enter

--- Quote ---:favadd

--- End quote ---
and confirm hitting enter key.

favorites appear using

--- Quote ---:fav

--- End quote ---


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