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Mouse and keyboard not working after install

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--- Quote ---...but mouse and keyboard is not working,t hat has nothing to do with grub
--- End quote ---
If you are booting the wrong kernel, eudev cannot do it's job (loading the module for the keyboard, for the mouse, etc.) As a result no possibility to type anything. And who is deciding which kernel have to be loaded: its grub2.

Remember that's it works first time (after installation)

Again, check it and maybe show us the content of your grub.cfg.



Sorry my fault

ist works.

There are 2 kernel 4.4.24 and 4.4.38 after Installation, but my grub from sda2 generated the "old" 4.4.24 as first Kernel entry in grub.cfg, wenn going to second bootentry , nytyx boots and mouse and keyboard are working.


I had used a few source-based dirtris as gentoo, sabayon,sourcemarge,slackware and lunar. NyTyX made a good figure, easy Installation and an i hope also easy pakagemanagement.
The only thing I will mentioned is the grub-dialog in Installation. Because I am leave this step out, I guessed, grub would not be installed (what is does) so I have to recover the MBR with rescatux. It would better to make clear, that grub will be installed , what ever the user is doing or not, or make a menu-entry not to install grub.


--- Quote ---and I hope also easy pakage management.
--- End quote ---
Hope you'll like it. As you maybe knows already, it's has it's own and I code it myself.

--- Quote --- so I had to recover the MBR with rescatux.
--- End quote ---
That's not clear for me, did'nt you had already a working booting harddisk ? In that case, it was just necessary  to add an new entry into grub.cfg

--- Quote ---It would better to make clear, that grub will be installed , what ever the user is doing or not,
--- End quote ---

I'm not shure I really understand what you means now


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