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Major problem after install

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After installing the system, in UEFI mode with no problems, I rebooted, logged in at command prompt. I was able to browse the installed file system with no problems. I used cards (first time) to search, and generally familiarize myself with the package manager... I then installed Xorg xfce4 xfce4-extras slim (with the usual other options , gvfs,etc)..All installed error free.... Could not find bumblebee, (unfortunate) which is designed for optimus laptops (like mine) due to the nouveau driver not being able to manage the optimus graphics...(drm flat panel errors, etc)
I found a set of NVIDIA-utils in your repos, and installed them. Rebooted, normal start up to the network, a brief login prompt flashed up , and black screen, with the cursor stuck in top left corner (not blinking) not even a beep !!!!
Absolutely dead laptop....
Only way out was to force a power down, using the button, and after 3 or 4 attempts, including a reinstall, I have now (for the time being) reinstalled my minimal Deuvan system....
I hope you can help with this , because I really cannot see a way forward at the moment... I like the NuTyX concept very much, and I am hoping that you have seen something similar with optimus laptops (Intel and NVIDIA graphics) . I have a lot of free time, and I look at this problem as an opportunity - either to learn or buy a new (non optimus) laptop !!!!!
Regards for now

Hello myrddin

Let's go step by step:

1. Go to init 3 by adding 3 at the end of the kernel grub line (you can edit grub line) at the boot time

2. rm nvidia-utils and slim

--- Code: ---del nvidia-utils
del slim
--- End code ---

3. start x server ans see if you get the graphic interface twm running (xterm with a green top)

--- Code: ---startx
--- End code ---

Let's see if that works befor going further

Hi Thierry,
Thank you very much for your reply...
I will reinstall NuTyx this afternoon (local time here right now is 07:33 am). It does not take long as I have an SSD as the internal drive on the laptop.
When I finstalled yesterday, I firstly installed Xorg, and ran startx, which gave me an authorization error, would not start X server, and went back to the command prompt. I continued working on the system installing the desktop. It froze on the next reboot....
Another possibility, I found while browsing this problem, was the TERM variable set to "linux". Resetting the TERM to "xterm", fixed the freeze problem (an NVIDIA post)... This seems to be a generalized Linux problem, not distro specific.....
However, I will follow your instructions, and give you the result.
It has been over 17 years since I ran a UNIX manufacturing system, and NUtyX is (to me ) what computing should be all about....As it was when i was "younger"....I am actually having a great time going back to basics, and I thank you for that...Teaching the old dog some old, and new tricks !!!
Unfortunately, I believe that systemd, if the current direction is maintained, will become a SvcHost clone, and Linux will turn into the next generation of Windows, which will be very sad. I hope I'm wrong...


Hi Thierry,
I reinstalled NuTyx, UEFI, rebooted, with no grub, INIT automatically sets runlevel 3 to command prompt.
Ran a check and update
Installed only Xorg on to the new install.
startx gave the following messages and froze the screen

file /home/merlin/.serverauth.852 does not exist
file /home/merlin/.xauthority does not exist
/etx/x11 is not populated
/usr/share/x11 is not populated....

rebooting and running startx as root
file /root/.xauthority does not exist

linux 4.9.8-NuTyX-lts
Xorgserver 1.19.2
pixman 0.34.0

For some reason xorg is not installing xorgconf.d , xinit,xsession. etc

Hi Thierry,
I have made some progress...
Reinstalled system (UEFI, with no grub, so boots directly to command prompt)
Updated system - kernel at 4.9.23
installed nvidia-utils
installed xorg
The nouveau driver is now blacklisted in /etc/modrobe.d, and there are no error messages at boot time
Startx did not work, but returned control to console
No authorisation errors this time...
init gave up, and was unable to connect to server
The log file in var/log/Xorg/... has a few warnings and the following error right at the end of the log...
NVIDIA unified driver loaded -
Controlling tty is VT1 auto enabling KeepTty
-No devices detected
-fatal server error
-no screens found

At least I have a workable system to on which to continue investigations
I think Xorg.conf.d might  be a good place to begin
I'll keep you updated



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