Author Topic: NuTyX working on optimus laptop without NVIDIA  (Read 4596 times)


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NuTyX working on optimus laptop without NVIDIA
« on: Wed May 17 20:27:37 2017 »
Hi NuTyx team,
Before I start.. the top quality of your wallpaper graphic deigns really sets them above the rest.
I am typing this on my Optimus laptop, ( the one that failed to install) with XFCE4, etc installed. It is a "workarounf" that will not satisfy "the gamers", because the NVIDIA GPU is disabled by the system...
I modified  grub.cfg, and the command line is now ............. '...... =/dev/sda2 ro nouveau.modeset=0 quiet'. The nouveau driver is blacklisted at boot... I then ran a NVIDIA purge (important), rebooted, installed Xorg, ran stratx, which worked normally. The NVIDIA GPU is bypassed and, the laptop only uses the Intel grahics chip with no problems...This is the same laptop that would not install a couple of days ago....(I now have two separate NuTyX installations to work on) I tried out some youtube videos of Pavarotti (tested the sound as well) and there was no noticeable difference....
For heavy 3D rendering and gaming, it is obviously not ideal, but it might be worth mentioning in the "Hints" section.

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