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Just installed NuTyX and I am very impressed.
I have a little problem though.

My laptop wireless card is Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01) on wlan0, NuTyX does not seem to recognize it though.
I configured the wpa_supplicant during install and lsmod shows the b43 module which is, as far as I know,  the right one.
But when I try

ifconfig wlan0 up

It says wlan0 point does not exist.

I can connect to the internet in chroot from my host distro and run cards, I installed the base packages already, so I'd like to know if is there any driver that I should install to make my wireless work.


Also I noticed that the /sys directory is empty, there is no /sys/class/net folder.
So I don't know where to check my network device.

Hello black-clover,
Welcome to NuTyX,
I suggest that you also analyse the result of the command:

--- Code: ---dmesg
--- End code ---
They could be some error or warning messages telling you about missing firmware for exemple.

Merci beaucoup tnut,

Found what was missing and also the information about how to fix it.
As a new Linux user, this is what I find truly appealing about NuTyX.
An uncluttered distro which helps me to learn Linux workings. 
Since I am also studying French, I think I'll feel right at home here.

à bientôt

Great to hear that, don't worry and don't hesitate to register on the french forum, (it's more actif as well)


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