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Is there any official end-of-life schedule for NuTyx releases?

I am hoping that NuTyx will continue to support its older versions even after newer ones are released.

You can still use latest 8.x version and latest 9.x version on server. So yes support continues

Thank you.  Are there any drop-dead dates for EOL though?  I am just trying to get some idea of how long the support cycle might be. 


--- Code: ---Is there any official end-of-life schedule for NuTyx releases?
--- End code ---
Nothing is official here.

I share my work with anybody interested to discover another way of using Linux. I have a lot of fun of doing it.

Rsync all the package to your own server and you will have your NuTyX LTS

1. Install http server

--- Code: ---get apache apache.service
--- End code ---

2. sudo rsync the 64 bits packages (replace with i686 for 32 bits)

--- Code: ---rsync -av --delete rsync:// /srv/www/x86_64/
--- End code ---

3. Start the service

--- Code: ---sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd start
--- End code ---

4. Change your cards config:

--- Code: ---sudo sed -i "" /etc/cards
--- End code ---


So I take it that if you run out of space, there is a chance that older releases of NuTyX might not have public repo access anymore.   Fair enough.  If I ultimately choose NuTyX, I might consider helping out a bit with that issue since I would be dependent on it a bit myself.


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