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long/short interface names and setup-nutyx -cn
« on: Wed Oct 31 09:18:14 2018 »
Since I only have one net.card and simple networking I hate the long hard to remember names.  I'd rather deal with eth0 or wlan0.  To deal with this I add in the linux line of grub.cfg the configuration "net.ifnames=0".
The first time I booted the init system had a fit as it was configured to look for enp0ns1 (or whatever that name is :)).  So I run setup-nutyx -cn thinking this will take care of it and chose eth0 as my network interface.
I have also net-tools and use ifconfig eth0 down/up to disable/enable network and rerun dhcpcd to force it to reconfigure if there is a problem.
The init system though still looks for the long if and when that fails it goes to eth0.  This delays booting up a bit, and there have been random occasions where it doesn't find any.  I haven't used sysv for a long time so I am still looking on how to modify this behavior.

PS1  I have installed both lts and current kernel, if this makes a difference.
PS2  I have set the hostname I found the script at /etc/sysconfig/ifconfig.enp0s3 and disabled it, I rebooted and only had lo active, I activated eth0, run dhcpcd, and got a connection.
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