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Wither NuTyX? (What's the situation vis-a-vis systemd?)


In my explorations of the site, I noted a "under construction" page referencing systemd.

Does this imply a planned transition? An option? Some idea of the future before investing time and effort into trying to shoehorn NuTyX into a BTRFS 'pool' of distros (using rEFInd bootmanager which requires the kernel to include EFI-stub support) ::) would be greatly appreciated. Tx.

And of course, shortly after posting, I found the answer -

--- Quote from: Thierry on Mon Feb 11 11:53:51 2019 ---Hugo and I decided to split the two systemd and systemv projects.
--- End quote ---

So, now I can ask a few more questions:

1. Is 10.98 (11.0 RC2) a base for "rolling" updates (or should I wait for 11.0 'final')?

2. Does a "rolling" update 'respect' the current fstab? (For example, if I install NuTyX to an ext4 partition with a separate grub EFI, can I copy the contents of that ext4 partition to a BTRFS subvolume, update its fstab and use a different bootmanager from the one created by the install?)

2a. When EFI-stub was made available, most distros compiled it into their kernel, even though they continued to use a bootmanager/loader (usually GRUB). Is this the case with NuTyX?

Shorts answers

--- Quote ---1. Does a "rolling" update 'respect' the current fstab?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---2.   ..... . Is this the case with NuTyX?
--- End quote ---
Yes today's kernel of EFI NuTyX is indeed located on the EFI partition. We don't need any bootmanager (grub for exemple) to boot a NuTyX EFI System

--- Code: ---ls /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/3/
--- End code ---
where 3 is my SystemPartitionNumber

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