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Bug report: error when trying to install nutyx via 'install-nutyx' script


Hello all,

I was installing nutyx on /dev/sda3, from /dev/sda1 using the 'install-nutyx' script, per the instructions found on

However, after running 'VERSION="rolling" bash install-nutyx', I get:

--- Code: ---Retrieve info about the 108 packages: 100 %
pkgadd 2.4.98: package nutyx already installed (use -u to upgrade)               [ FAIL ]

 You should not read this error.

 It means something went wrong with the installation of nutyx  Thanks to inform us via the website Thanks again for your collaboration.

Press Enter to continue...

umount: /mnt/hd//var/lib/pkg/depot: not mounted
Cleaning up temporary files..
Please correct and start again

--- End code ---

I suspect it's that double-frontslash?

- Brandon


This error may occur when the destination folder have already a part of a NuTyX (nutyx is the first package installed)

The minimum correct syntax is:

--- Code: ---VERSION="rolling" sh install-nutyx
--- End code ---

Welcome on NuTyX



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