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This message is written from a portable drive with NuTyX. It works perfectly, is fast. I'm delighted. Now to try installation, always a challenge for a fumbler like myself.
Thanks again for your useful and fast responses.

Installation was fast and easy. I'm disappointed that GRUB points only to NuTyX, because I have several Linux installations, but I can fix that.

Here I am again, as confused as ever. Now I'm trying to use NyTyx 11.2 in live mode. I have the OS on a USB drive. It boots to a CLI. I have tried "get" and "cards install," but I always get the message that the package doesn't exist. "Check" gives me nothing I can understand. I'm trying to follow the documentation that's online, but I seem to be stymied at every turn. I'd appreciate some simple help.

It's a question of taking the time for reading the news. I just copy the extract of the news that concern your prob:
    A 4.5 GByte ISO base NuTyX "fixed" version is available which contains a complete repository of the binaries for the NuTyX 11.2 release. You can install NuTyX 11.2 completely without having to use the internet. To install packages from this ISO, once your base system is installed, configured and booting, it's just a question of mounting the media on the /mnt mounting point.

    Suppose you media is found under /dev/sdc1, use the following command to mount it:

--- Code: ---sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt
--- End code ---

    Change this command to reflect your system.
  Good luck

Thanks for your reply. You say, "Once your system is installed configured,and booted." That's what I can't do. I guess I'm not expert enough to use NuTyX, but thanks again for your effort to help me.


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