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[SOLVED] Change to lightdm, how do I do it?


Where do I set the display manager? I have been looking through a lot if files, trying a lot of things, got some interesting results, but not the desired.

So the question, where do I set lightdm as display manager in stead of lxdm?

Per B.

Try to install the lightdm service:

--- Code: ---get lightdm.service
del lxdm
sudo reboot
--- End code ---

That did it! However, I can not shutdown using lightdm. Is this beacause consolekit2 was deleted along with lxdm?

I will answer myself. Yes, it is. Consolekit2 is not installed as a dependency of lightdm (I reinstalled lightdm and it did not bring consolekit2 with it. Maybe because consolekit2.devel and were still on the system)

 .xprofile is also not executed at login.

Per B.

Thanks for yours feedbacks.

So let's add consolekit2 as runtime dependencies of lightdm :)  !

I did'nt even know that .xprofile  file could exist  :(

.xprofile is for executing various commands at login, for example setxkbmap se


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