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Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate, Suspend


This will be a strange question...sorry!  ;D  Also...if it's confusing, I apologize!  ;D

On my Openbox system, I use a custom shutdown utility that I've built myself. Shutdown and Reboot use Consolekit, and they both work without issue. However, when using pm-utils for Suspend and Hibernate, they work, but Suspend and Hibernate ask for a password when selecting them.  :o

I recently discovered elogind is available in the repositories under the Gnome branch. I installed it, and I can Suspend and Hibernate with it without needing to enter a password. However, if I use elogind for Shutdown and Reboot, it asks for a password.  :P

Now I've discovered that if I mix the two...Consolekit and elogind...I can use consolekit for shutdown and reboot without needing to enter a password, and I can use elogind to Hibernate or Suspend without needing to enter a password.

I'd like to ask...does anyone know if it's okay to mix the two like that, or will it possibly cause issues later on?

I'm glade you do some tests.

It's as far as I know no problem to have both. As blfs team did remove consolekit from they packages list, I will do the same. The elogind will then be moved to the gui collection. By this time I hope it will solved the issue of reboot, shutdown, hibernate and Suspend. I hope to propose this solution when 11.2 will be released


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