Author Topic: Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate, Suspend  (Read 5093 times)


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Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate, Suspend
« on: Sat Aug 03 17:28:34 2019 »
This will be a strange question...sorry!  ;D  Also...if it's confusing, I apologize!  ;D

On my Openbox system, I use a custom shutdown utility that I've built myself. Shutdown and Reboot use Consolekit, and they both work without issue. However, when using pm-utils for Suspend and Hibernate, they work, but Suspend and Hibernate ask for a password when selecting them.  :o

I recently discovered elogind is available in the repositories under the Gnome branch. I installed it, and I can Suspend and Hibernate with it without needing to enter a password. However, if I use elogind for Shutdown and Reboot, it asks for a password.  :P

Now I've discovered that if I mix the two...Consolekit and elogind...I can use consolekit for shutdown and reboot without needing to enter a password, and I can use elogind to Hibernate or Suspend without needing to enter a password.

I'd like to ask...does anyone know if it's okay to mix the two like that, or will it possibly cause issues later on?


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Re: Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate, Suspend
« Reply #1 on: Sat Aug 03 19:24:54 2019 »
I'm glade you do some tests.

It's as far as I know no problem to have both. As blfs team did remove consolekit from they packages list, I will do the same. The elogind will then be moved to the gui collection. By this time I hope it will solved the issue of reboot, shutdown, hibernate and Suspend. I hope to propose this solution when 11.2 will be released