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[suggestion] ignore list of packages


It could be interesting to have 3 new commands to cards:
ignore package1 package2 etc
ignore-stop package1 package2 etc

Ignored packages are not touch unless explicitly mentioned.
If they are installed, they are not upgraded... nor removed if their dependency is not needed anymore.
If they are not installed, they will not be installed when the collection they are in is installed.
Also, if they are not installed, but a package need them as a dependency, the package that need it won't
be installed, unless the ignored package was explicitly requested to be installed too.

ignore-show show:
  installed packages ignored
  uninstalled packages ignored

I keep the idea in mind. Here some concerns from my side:

As you probably knows a binary linux distribution rely very much on dependencies. If you give the possibility to let the user ignoring some package and assume the concern package is a depency, guess how it will turn out... Unstable system and even probably not usable anymore. Just think of that.

It would be only relevant on final packages means the one install in 'MAN' mode when you look at cards list it shows them


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