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not full base?
« on: Fri Nov 01 14:57:47 2019 »
After a fresh reinstall of my chroot
I saw that pkgmk was complaining about sed, grep not found.
I think pkgmk2 wanted more: like find.
less is not there
lspci is not there (from pciutils package)
I think all these are in base repository collection.

But it looks like install-nutyx did not install them.

How nutyx-install decide if a base package must be installed or not.
I thought to myself a package set, maybe basebase would be possible, but as package sets are new to version 11.2 (I think...), surely
this is an other mechanism that is used.
Frankly, I am enclined to say I expect all base packages to be installed by install-nutyx.


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Re: not full base?
« Reply #1 on: Fri Nov 01 18:05:13 2019 »
Answering to my own question:

The variable CHROOT_LIST determines the list of packages to be installed by the script nutyx-install.

Inside it you will see:
Code: [Select]
check_variables() {
if [ -z "$CHROOT_LIST" ]; then
CHROOT_LIST="nutyx acl attr bash bzip2 coreutils curl \
expat gcc readline ncurses lzo glibc gmp xz zlib \
libarchive mpc mpfr openssl cards"

So if it is not already defined, it is defined there.
I think util-linux is added if on X86_64.

Maybe, pkgmk is part of cards.devel, and sed and grep is messing for it's dependencies? (I did not check)
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