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Is there a way to find unused packages. Let's say one incedentlty installs a package with its dependencies and afyerwards uninstalls the package. Then the dependencies are not removed automatically. Perhaps some other packages the user installed afterwards uses some or none of the removed package. Then how to find these orphans.
How is this possible in saravane and in sekong?

One more question. If one would like to use cards on sekong, how would he be able to?

Salut mhe

This is a new feature which has to be implemented.

We just did consider it was not priority number one as we can go back to a base system and let cards install what really necessary again in a very short time (without even downloading anything).


Indeed, I did not considered that. How about settings a user might have made for an installed package that will be removed when the user rewinds to a base install?

The rules with cards base (or pkg-get base) is very simple:

"Everything which is not in ma list of packages populating a base system will be remove by the command cards base -r (pkg-get base)"



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