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Hi. Why did you stopped maintaince google-chrome?

To add to Constantius question: how would you provide a cards package for a package with no source (I do not think that Google provides the source of its browser)? Would you extract the files from a .deb file and repackage? More generally, how does one create a package for card, and could one create a repository for cards, accessible to others (similar to what can be found for .deb)?

thanks. Bruno.

I found the answer to the second part of my question:  :)
I still do not have the answer to the first part: is it possible to create a package from a .deb (or another distro) binary if no source is avail?

Thanks. Bruno.

As they are so many question, I pickup a random one:

--- Quote ---is it possible to create a package from a .deb
--- End quote ---

Yes it is. Cards generate even this kind of package almost automatically, and for all the other questions, they are so much so say/explain. It's not really the right place to discuss. A good start would  be the documentation starting at:

Good lecture



--- Quote from: constantius on Thu Dec 22 19:05:42 2022 ---Hi. Why did you stopped maintaince google-chrome?

--- End quote ---
I guess google is not providing  debian package anymore. I cannot find a link. Find the link I make the package for you.



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