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Error in installing 22.12

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Thanks for the input Thierry.

The whole automount of USB drives in Linux has always given me second thoughts. Years ago when I first started playing around with Linux and there was no automount I had less issues with dd than I do now. So you might be onto something there. 

Despite all these other ideas, I think this morning's testing might conclude that the matter is indeed the download itself, at least in some of the issues I have experienced.

I downloaded again the CDE ISO variant and this time I did check the sha1sum and it was incorrect. I downloaded yet again and yet again checksum was wrong, although the result was something different than the first time. Writing these images to USB resulted in a inability to locate a bootable USB device on the tested machine. This doesn't account for the kernel panic in the original post I made but it does explain the other failures. I can always install CDE from the JWM install if I want to.

I think there is little else that can be done at this point, it seems like Sourceforge does not offer its files well to me during the download, and I'm not sure why.

Thanks again.

I've used a variety of USB sticks and keys without experiencing any issues. size varying from 4GB to 16GB. In general, I don't use more than 16GB for jobs like these. The mistake occurred when I tried it on two separate PCs as well.

It occurred to me to verify the checksum after I had already put my prior response here, but by that point I had already erased the files. That line of investigation is thus permanently closed.

If the checksums are accurate and the CDE and LXQT variations still don't work when I download and try again, I might consider coming back to this post or abandoning it altogether.

Without additional information, it is unclear what the "22.12" refers to, so it is difficult to provide a specific solution. However, an error during installation can often be resolved by ensuring that the system meets the software's requirements, checking for compatibility issues, and attempting to reinstall or troubleshoot the installation process.


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