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For various reasons I need to use Evolution as my mail client although I prefer the KDE desktop. This hasn't been an issue until I just installed the KDE version of 23.02.01. As normal I made sure the new system was up to date then installed Evolution using Cards. I use two accounts, one Gmail and one GMX both setup as POP. The GMX account is fine but the Gmail account returns an error.

"Failed to authenticate on POP server createDLGroup failed: maybe libqca-ossl is missing"

Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thunderbird is not an option since I need to see a permanent notification for unread mail, Birdtray is not available for NuTyX and unless something has changed it doesn't work anyway with the latest version of Thunderbird.

Will have a look
Birdtray seems to be very old version. (2020)


Yes, I don't think Birdtray is being maintained any more and to my knowledge stopped working with all functions after Thunderbird 91.

I've seen some posts relating this to an issue with Wayland although the suggested fixes are complicated and the results very hit and miss. I guess the solution is for another developer to pick up the code and re-write it although I appreciate this might involve a lot of work for the potentially small group of users it might benefit.

Fixing Evolution would be my wish.

Have subsequently found that Evolution is not remembering the GMX password and asks for it every time.

Make sure gnome-keyring is installed


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