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Yes, but I had already done that.

What do you see as output on the console when you start evolution from the console.?

Is gnome-keyring-daemon running ?

There is no output in the terminal on start. Evolution just starts as normal. Closing it again though generates this in terminal.

(evolution:2215): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 04:32:06.332: Your application did not unregister from D-Bus before destruction. Consider using g_application_run().

On checking, no I can`t see the gnome-keyring-daemon running in the list of services so guess this seems to be where the problem lies.

Entering that as a command in terminal generates this.

gnome-keyring-daemon: no process capabilities, insecure memory might get used

In the meantime I`ve found an acceptable solution. Installing the Flatpak version of Betterbird works since this DOES have a tray notification for new mail and it works with the KDE desktop.


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