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Minor mouse problem


Hi, I just installed Nutyx Enlightenment version 23.06  on an HP 650G1 laptop. Everything is going well except for the lower mouse keys. The track pad has two sets of mouse buttons, two above the trackpad and two below. The top two mouse buttons function normally, the lower two don't work at all unless you are moving the mouse. It seems that I need to be using the trackpad for the lower keys to function. Any thoughts?

Hi have you installed xorg-xf86-input-synaptics ?

Sorry, forum was down for a bit and then I was away. Yes xorg-xf86-input-synaptics is installed. Mouse seems to work perfectly fine for everything except bottom mouse buttons. The same laptop running Arch or Solux works ok with these buttons.

For those running Enlightenment go to settings, settings panel,  input, then mouse (not mouse bindings) then Touchpad. - disable clickpad. For non enlightenment - The fix can be found here


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