Author Topic: NuTyX 23.09.0 available with cards 2.7.0  (Read 4274 times)


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NuTyX 23.09.0 available with cards 2.7.0
« on: Sun Oct 01 15:09:38 2023 »
Spiky and me are happy to announce the new version of NuTyX 23.09.0 and cards 2.7.0 .

Fixed bugs
The LXQT ISO doens't start.Fixed
The Cinnamon ISO doesn't start.Fixed
The list of certificates is no longer updated and prevents the wget command from working properly on https sites.Fixed
The mdadm and lvm2 packages are not installed by default in ISOs, which prevents NuTyX from being installed on a RAID system or on logical volumes.Fixed
The list of certificates is no longer updated and prevents the wget command from working properly on https sites.Fixed
The flcards tool does not retain the display of the selection of packages to be removed/installed.Fixed

Updated packages

SysV in 3.06 and systemd in 253.0 .

The xorg-server graphics server version 21.1.8, the Mesa 3D library in 23.1.8, Gtk4 4.12.0 and Qt 6.5.2.

The nvidia driver is update to version 535.113.01 .
The legacy driver 470.xx series in version 470.199.02 .
The legacy driver 390.xx series in version 390.157.12 .
The python interpreter is updated to version 3.11.5.

The XFCE desktop environment is updated to version 4.18.3.

The MATE desktop environment is a 1.26.2 version .

The GNOME desktop environment is also updated to version 44.3

The KDE desktop environment is available in Plasma 5.27.8, Framework 5.110.0 and applications in 23.08.1.

Available browsers are: Firefox 117.0.1, Epiphany 44.6, etc

Many desktop applications have been updated as well like Telegram-desktop 4.9.9, Thunderbird 115.2.3, Scribus 1.5.8, Libreoffice, Gimp 2.10.34, etc.

Core NuTyX ships with Long Term Support (LTS) kernels: 4.14.326, 4.19.295, 5.4.257, 5.10.197, 5.15.133, 6.1.55 and the latest stable version 6.5.5 .

The kernel change logs are available here:

kernel 4.14.326 changelog

kernel 4.19.295 changelog

kernel 5.4.257 changelog

kernel 5.10.197 changelog

kernel 5.15.133 changelog

kernel 6.1.55 changelog

kernel 6.5.5 changelog

A BASE ISO (proposed in command line interface edition only without graphical interface).


They are available on the download page.

Upgrade process

A simple:

Code: [Select]
sudo cards upgradewill make it.


With Thanks to the BLFS Team which helped out with a few problems we encountered.

Thanks to Spiky for his patience and his generosity in upgrading all thoses many packages.

Thanks to all you guys that have giving us positive or negative feedbacks about the distribution.
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