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I am planning on adding a few packages to NuTyX. Unfortunately one of them has a non-standard way of installation (downloads a file using curl and installs by running sh on that command) and deinstallation (runs a command via itself with the uninstall flag to uninstall). It also updates via itself by running it with the update flag.

Is there any way to specify what should be run upon the cards install, cards upgrade and cards uninstall commands? And if so, could someone guide me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance!

Good idea

Tell us about those packages, maybe they are easy to build. They can then easily be added into existing depot


Hi Thierry!

Sorry for a late response  :(

I was planning on adding three packages, actually:

* iftop - - A network monitor (couldn't find better alternatives)
* zig - - A modern replacement for C and has simpler syntax than Rust
* julia - - Just a generally faster alternative to Python, because of the JIT compiler
As a side note I tried compiling iftop, but only managed succesfully compiling the stable 0.17 version and only when I followed But I guess that is pretty simple to do and I just am not knowledgeable enough, even though I tried to follow instructions posted on I might also need help with Zig for the same reason.

The one I was specifically talking about is the julia package. I has a juliaup utility (, that can be used to easily install, update and remove julia from a machine. The interesting part is, that it can be used to update and remove itself as well. So, generally speaking, I would believe the logic would be to do the following:

* sudo cards install julia: on rolling - download juliaup if not present then install the latest stable version of julia, on testing - download juliaup if not present then install the latest upcoming release (beta) version of julia (information on channels could be found in the available system provided channels section on that same GitHub Juliaup page)
* sudo cards upgrade: on rolling - install the latest version of juliaup (using juliaup self update) then update julia to the latest stable version, on testing - install the latest version of juliaup (using juliaup self update) then update julia to the latest  upcoming release (beta) version (notably, AFAIK juliaup could be used to install multiple versions of julia, so, perhaps, all installed versions of julia should be updated after juliaup updates itself)
* sudo cards remove julia: on rolling and testing - remove all installed versions of julia, then remove juliaup using juliaup self uninstall
These are the solutions I came up with. Perhaps you would do something differently, as NuTyX developer. But if I could always use the latest stable version of julia on my rolling NuTyX release, that would be great!


Hi ndawka

Thanks a lot for you detailed mail. We will have a look at it. Probably not too complicated to add them (at least the 2 firsts one)
Let's see after the new year is over.
We'll come back to you.

Greatings from Switzerlands


Hi Ndawka

So far I could build the iftop and julia-bin packages.

You will find them in cli-extra (julia-bin) and gui-extra (iftop) of the rolling version (not in testing).

I did check the recept in AUR from archlinux. Much too much complicate for my little brain.

Enjoy the lasts 2023 days and wish you a good start in 2024



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